Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bright colors make me happy
I'm talking it makes me all-out giddy
to the point where sometimes I skip around
Of course color doesn't always mean bright eyeshadow

I love when I can play down my eyes
but really give my makeup a punch when I add color to my lips!
A personal favorite of mine is MAC's Coral Polyp

In person it's pretty intense
yet at the same time it can be toned down to
go with an everyday look

If you plan on keeping your lips a bright coral
I definitely recommend using beige tones in your crease
and putting white on the inner corner of your eyes
this will give depth to your crease and make your eyes look larger

For my cheeks I used Dolly Mix (obviously ha)
I love the flushed cheek look!

Ladies don't be afraid of bright lips!
They're flattering on everyone if you find the color for you