Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On A Mission Beauty At College!

Hey everyone!!!
I know it's been a while since I've posted but
as most of you know I just moved into college and it's
taken a few days to adjust myself and get settled.
Now that I've found my groove, though, I'm ready to
start posting like a fiend! 

This is the look I did for my last dinner out with my best friends
My 6 <333

to be honest I'm not positive what I used.
I believe it was all CS 88 palette though- sticking
with the baby blues and whites

For my last night my family and I went down to Atlantic City
to eat and shop (hello MAC haul!!)
I wanted some drama so I went for a smokey eye and matte
red lips babyyy! I used Ruby Woo for my lips and hello Best. Red. Ever.

Now for a little dorm tour :)

This would be my bed- which is raised and has a TON of misc. stuff
hiding under there. I have a featherbed so it's actually the
most comfortable bed ever. And of course you can see my schoolwork 
already piling up

I went mondo crazy at the poster sale (and I still want more)
You can see I have my Little Miss Sunshine, True Blood (swoon), 
and of course Amelie posters. 

On my other wall I have a Beatles poster, some
cute vintage postcards (with the likes of Spider-Man, James Dean, and Audrey Hepburn),
Alice in Wonderland, How I Met Your Mother, and Wicked
(actually Wizard of Oz but that movie scares me)

This is my corkboard with all my jewelry hanging and tons
of pictures everywhere. This seriously makes me feel
so at home and cozy all the time <3

Here's a picture of my desk. It has all the staples: CupNoodles, makeup, brushes,
printer, computer.... basically I'm never leaving
this spot :D

Finally my small book selection I brought (since I have a kindle)
On the left I have a bunch of books
for my science fiction class and on the right are my 
True Blood books. Of course I can't forget Iron Man- which
was a gift from my FFB Allein (i miss you f.y.i.)

I miss posting so stay tuned for more updates
soon and reviews and tutorials

love you all
xoxox Christine

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vamp It Up + NOTD

In honor of my True Blood obsession I 
decided to turn my look into a 
Vamped-Up Smokey Eye

Oh and f.y.i. I only went to Barnes & Noble and
look how flashy I did my makeup lol

I started off doing a normal smokey eye.
Not really sure what I used but basically it was
Silver all over the center of the lid
Matte Gray on the crease
Black on the outer corner to smoke it out even more

I went heavy on the eye liner since it was nighttime 
and I was feeling pretty fun

I knew I wanted to bold lip so I pulled out
MAC's London Life and slapped it on.
Next thing I knew I was all glamorous 
(and it only took 5 minutes!)

I left the rest of my face bare because I didn't want to 
go overboard or anything

For my nails I wore OPI's Dating A Royal
with OPI's Goldilocks Rocks on top. 
This gives you a gold with blue undertone
(which doesn't show well with a flash)
I've gotten so many compliments it's ridic!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

City Look

Last week I went to visit my sister in New York City.
We walked around, shopped and ate.
My favorite activities :D

I wanted to go simple for my day in the city
and of course not look like I was trying to hard.
When going to NYC you have to look like you belong
so I tried my best lol

As you can see I didn't go too heavy on the makeup
or hair. Just down and straight was perfect for my outfit

For my eyes I believe I used Ricepaper, Paradisco, Sable and maybe one other shadow
I wore Fun & Games beauty powder blush
with Cheeky Bronze MSF

I opted for my favorite lip combo of all time
Shy Girl l/s with Parfait Pink creamsheen glass on top

I opted for this super cute maxi dress and gladiator sandals.
Obviously my summer staples

This was so comfortable to walk around in
and perfect for trying on clothes because you can slip right out of it

Also for a finishing touch I added this 
adorable necklace from Forever21 

Ladies what do you wear when going to a city?

till next time
xoxox Christine 

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Traincase and FOTD

A few weeks ago my mom told me that I would need something
to hold all my makeup when I get to school.
Naturally I jumped on that chance and quickly ordered
this pink crocodile skin traincase from

It's a pretty good size and is the perfect size for traveling
and fitting the makeup I'm taking with me to school.

How adorable is this? I'm in love with the outside because
it's a little crazy but not too out there.

This is a picture of the drawers fully extended.
As you can see it's pretty filled but there's definitely room
for plenty of more items.

In the top row i keep all my MSF's and my bronzers. 
In the upper right corner there are my eye primers
i.e. my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Paint Pots, Paints, NYX pencils

On the lower row are all my lipsticks and lipglosses
There are a few layers there- I was able to fit around 25 lipsticks
on only the left side.

In the bottom compartment I keep my LE blushes that I haven't depotted
On the upper right are a few foundations, Strobe Liquid, Fix+, and my face primers
On the bottom left are all my palettes and to the right are my most used pigments & samples.

There's a middle layer not pictured that holds
all of my mascaras, eye & lip pencils, concealers and other fun samples.

I also wanted to include some fun pics in this post.
Here's some pictures of my sister's makeup I did for her one night

It ended up looking really cool and serpent-like 

I used Rated R eyeshadow on the inner corners and then applied
One-Off on the outer corner over a black base
Super simple  but the result was pretty awesome

Hope everyone is doing good.
I have some fun tutorials coming up so stay tuned 

xoxo Christine