Friday, August 7, 2009

My Traincase and FOTD

A few weeks ago my mom told me that I would need something
to hold all my makeup when I get to school.
Naturally I jumped on that chance and quickly ordered
this pink crocodile skin traincase from

It's a pretty good size and is the perfect size for traveling
and fitting the makeup I'm taking with me to school.

How adorable is this? I'm in love with the outside because
it's a little crazy but not too out there.

This is a picture of the drawers fully extended.
As you can see it's pretty filled but there's definitely room
for plenty of more items.

In the top row i keep all my MSF's and my bronzers. 
In the upper right corner there are my eye primers
i.e. my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Paint Pots, Paints, NYX pencils

On the lower row are all my lipsticks and lipglosses
There are a few layers there- I was able to fit around 25 lipsticks
on only the left side.

In the bottom compartment I keep my LE blushes that I haven't depotted
On the upper right are a few foundations, Strobe Liquid, Fix+, and my face primers
On the bottom left are all my palettes and to the right are my most used pigments & samples.

There's a middle layer not pictured that holds
all of my mascaras, eye & lip pencils, concealers and other fun samples.

I also wanted to include some fun pics in this post.
Here's some pictures of my sister's makeup I did for her one night

It ended up looking really cool and serpent-like 

I used Rated R eyeshadow on the inner corners and then applied
One-Off on the outer corner over a black base
Super simple  but the result was pretty awesome

Hope everyone is doing good.
I have some fun tutorials coming up so stay tuned 

xoxo Christine


  1. I LOVE your traincase! I wish I had an excuse to buy one myself! Would have been great for my move from NY to LA. Oh well...

    How do you have so many MSF? Seriously, please elaborate on the purpose of the different ones. I thought one could only have about 3 - all over face, shimmer, and bronze. I guess there are a few different shimmers...

  2. ok so for my MSF's... i have two MSF Naturals one in light and one in medium dark (for when i get tan or sometimes for contour). I have one bronzer (sunny by nature) and the rest are all highlighters. Honestly you don't need that many highlighters obviously i just have this obsession with all the different MSF's in various collections and i feel i need to have them. somehow i get good use out of all of them lol