Thursday, July 30, 2009

Purple Peaches <3

So I have a confession to make...
I am completely obsessed with purple.
Now this just recently dawned upon me one day when
a friend of mine mentioned how everything I wear is purple

Naturally I went into my closet that night and noticed just how mush purple I had
So I guess subconsciously I have been collecting everything purple
even my first makeup palette was filled with purple shadows

Of course once someone requested a purple look I jumped 
on that opportunity right away.

For this look I used MAC's Paradisco in the inner corners 
and on the lower lash line
Then I packed on MAC's Beautiful Iris all over the lid

MAC's Parfait Amour was then swept into my crease
and finally I put MAC's Nocturnelle in the outer corner

I used Style Blush to keep with the peach elements

For the lips I used MAC's Plum Dandy l/s 
and Vie Vento Dazzleglass on top 

Does anyone else has a subconscious color that they are drawn to?

until next time
xoxo Christine


  1. What is the cream stuff you put on your eye first? I feel like that one looks easier to put on than the Urban Decay one (at least on an everyday, running out the door type of use)...please advise!!!

  2. it's painterly paintpot by mac but I usually put it over my Urban Decay Primer Potion... it's definitely not something you need

  3. I did this look using parfait amour and beautiful peach, but added some black in the corners...check my FB for photos!