Friday, July 24, 2009

I've Been a Bad Girl: Confessions of a MAC Haul

Ugh so for months I knew that the MAC Colour Craft 
collection was going to dent my wallet- esp. considering
each MSF (Mineralized Skinfinish) is between $27-28 a pop.

Well naturally I saved up just enough for what I wanted...
and then I found out about Love That Look collection
"Oh Boy" is all I can say

Luckily I was able to keep on a pretty solid budget
and got only what I had been wanting for months
(no throwing around money this time :P)

Let's first start off with the three MSF's I bought:

My favorite MSF that I bought was Cheeky Bronze
The color is a deep coral and has gorgeous gold
marbling running through it

This is a perfect multipurpose color
I use it as a highlight, blush, eyeshadow, you name it

My next purchase was a repromote from
last year's MSF collection

Porcelain Pink is a pretty pink with gold veining
It's as if Cheeky Bronze had
a little, cute sister- kind of like how I am in my family :)

I mainly only use this for highlighting 
If that's what your looking for then this is perfect for you

The last MSF I bought was Sunny By Nature
This has quickly jumped into my back pocket
and has become my go-to bronzer

It's a nice matte bronze with a pink pearl to it 
If you already have a bronzer/blush duo
then I would skip this one
If not, this is still a great purchase

Then came Graphic Garden...

I must preface this post with the fact that
I never had any intention of buying from this
collection... it just sorta happened

I picked up the Fresh Cut palette and
with colors like these could you blame me?

Floral Inc. - (Frost)
Bloomcycle - (Veluxe Pearl)
Sun-Shy - (Lustre)
Fresh Cut - (Veluxe Pearl)
Poppy Noir - (Velvet)
Part Peony - (Lustre)

The colors are relatively sheer (normally not my thing)
however it works with this palette
and the colors really come out 
beautiful on the eye

One of my favorite purchases this summer!

Finally Love That Look

So all these eyeshadows in this collection 
are of the Starflash formula.
This isn't a permanent formula but MAC
released a similar collection last year.

Starflash is an extremely silky and creamy formula
with a pearl finish. 
It glides on the eye and makes any look completely effortless.

Ch-ch-ch-check out what I picked up

Glamour Check!

this color is a reddish-brown and literally goes
on the lid like melted chocolate (looks like it too Mmmmm...)


this color is a pretty soft blue/silver
seriously this all over the lid with Carbon to smoke it out= Heaven

Rated "R"

Ah a nice crazy color... so refreshing for me.
On the lid this looks amazing and is surprisingly easy to pull off
(at least a lot easier that Bitter eyeshadow is)

A gorgeous forest green with a silver pearl
i'm thinking this and Glamour Check! paired together for the fall
And last but certainly not least....

Smoke and Diamonds
this will definitely be the most popular in
the collection so I would get this quickly.
It's awesome because this can go with any color you pair it with.
Once on the lid it can look green, brown, silver... basically whatever you want.
It's magical for real

From left to right:
Glamour Check!, One-Off, Rated "R", Fashion, and Smoke and Diamonds 
(I also have a swatch of gingerly blush on the bottom right)

And that's all for my haul
I hoped everyone enjoyed! 

Comment if you want any in-depth reviews on a certain product

Oh! and I wouldn't think of sending you off without my NOTD:

This is Peaceable from the MAC Style Warriors collection

it's a gorgeous champagne color and a great way to add
some life to your nails if you don't like wear bright colors

Talk to you later chickees
xoxo Christine


  1. "Fashion -- this color is a pretty soft blue/silver
    seriously this all over the lid with Carbon to smoke it out= Heaven"

    Can you teach me how to pair my blues with a smoky look? i dont like wearing blue eyeshadow normally, but i obviously have lots of it, and want to use it with some smokey eyes for going out...xoxo

  2. yes i definitely can! i think the key is to pair it with silvers so the blue isn't too harsh