Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures of Kim and Christine

So last night my sister (Kim) and I rushed home from
T.G.I. Fridays in order to play with our makeup.
Naturally as soon as we set up our power went out :(

It's okayy though because since it was still light out 
we were able to hit the outside and do our nails <3

An hour (and many candles) later our lights reappeared!
So we let the playing commence 

Here's a picture of Kim's fire and water look.
For the fire I believe she used Samoa Silk e/s and her coastal scent 78 palette

For the water look there was definitely a lot of colors going on there...
fashion e/s, smoke & diamonds e/s, carbon, arctic grey e/s, and a lot i can't recall
but i love the way they both turned out!

For my makeup I decided to play around with some wet pigments
I used MUFE Star Powder #944 and Old Gold Pigment
I then used smoke & diamonds to smoke it out a bit

This was some more playing. I wanted to take different colors and make them look good together
Here is Electric Coral pigment, samoa silk, one-off, and rater "r"

This is the color I decided to go with for my nails
It's China Glaze's For Audrey 
(been wanting this FOREVER and highly recommend it because it goes on like a dream)

You definitely haven't seen the last of my sister Kim and hopefully my other sister,
Rachel, will make an appearance (or you can check out her blog here)

until next my lovelies 
xoxox Christine


  1. basically i'm completely obsessed with the mermaid look, the coral look, and the nail polish. obsessed.

  2. oh yay!!! fire and water!

    i wish rachel and i were there to play with you guys. then all the sisters would have been together! hehe :)

  3. I know! I want my fancy make up done too! Although Christine did my nails last night and they are so prettty.