Friday, July 17, 2009


So this is my absolute  favorite look to do when I have somewhere fancy to go (which i don't  but it's still perfect for an everyday look). It literally goes with everything and looks so elegant. If you apply the eyeliner a little bit heavier it's perfect for a night out.

For my eyes I applied:
MAC Classic White  (A cream color with a shimmer) eyeshadow all over my lid.

Next is took MAC Star Violet (Pinky-brown plum) and swiped it into my crease 

Then I added a tiny bit of MAC Beauty Marked (black red) to my outer V and blended it well with Star Violet

Finally I lightened it up with MAC Yogurt (extremely light pink) right under my eyebrow

On my face I used:
MAC Perfect Topping MSF
MAC Intenso Blush
MAC Bubbles Lipstick
MAC Oyster Girl Lipgloss

So for my NOTD <3

OPI's Miami Beet

Such a beautiful Deep Red that's still appropriate for summer

So that's my look for today
Until next time
xoxo Christine


  1. So even though I got a makeover on Saturday AND purchased the necessary make up items, I still cannot apply it the proper way...the makeup doesn't swoop nicely onto my eyes and the undereye liner is just not working...HELP!


  2. hmmm... are you applying too much pressure? are the shadows matte? matte colors have trouble blending

  3. They are like shimmery colors...I feel like nothing comes off the brush onto my eyelid.

  4. are you not putting enough color onto the brush? i feel like you might be scared to put too much color on the brush
    also what brush are you using? that's more important than anything