Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Favorite Look: Green

Green with Envy
Going Green
It's Not Easy Being Green 

Did you catch the common theme?

So I know that green isn't always an easy look to pull off but it's definitely worth the try.

This is a picture of my favorite green look of all time

If I had to pick one inspiration I would have to be Oscar the Grouch (my favorite sesame 
street character of course)

I love playing around with colors especially greens
- which of course my mom hates because she says it makes my blue eyes look green (no offense all you green-eyed beauties out there)
I can't help it, though, because whenever I go to do my makeup I automatically 
reach for my green palette. 

Here's what I used (MAC unless noted otherwise):

kelly green pigment
Coastal Scents 88 palette

studio sculpt NW20
MSFN light medium
fun & games bpb

shy girl l/s
partial to pink l/g

If you want check out the tutorial click here.

Ladies what colors do you find harder to pull off then others?

Until next time
xoxo Christine


  1. omg Kelly green is one of my fave greens! this is amazing! x

  2. Did you get a haircut? Love love love this post (and your 'do!)

  3. this was filmed during the winter so sadly no i don't have this hair (even though i miss is soo soo much)

  4. OK about your Penn State video - love that! And I LOVE the 226 brush - just picked one up recently.

  5. AHH sorry i don't know where else to comment. Christine we are the same person. Right now I'm ALSO obsessed with Marc Jacobs cucumber. Out of all the products in the world how do we always choose the same ones???

  6. If you haven't already, you need to get Pink Swoon blush from MAC. Amazing.

  7. Catherine i think you are my soul mate like no joke ok
    1. 226= my new favorite brush it makes my life soo easy
    2. mermaid to order is my permanent toenail color because i actually like looking down at my toes now lol
    3. I plan on buying another Marc Cucumber because it's limited edition and i don't know what to do!!!
    4. Pink Swoon is on top of my shopping list no joke!

  8. AHHH I'm giddy!!! haha seriously

  9. Stine can you show us like an electric blue eye look?