Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

Hello everyone!! I know I've been M.I.A. from
the blogging world for a few months but I'm
finally back and ready to show you all
the fun makeup looks I've been doing in college!

College has been way more overwhelming then I thought,
which is why I haven't been posting lately. Don't worry
though because I plan on posting at LEAST a few
times a week :)

So as a welcome back to myself I decided
to post some of my halloween pictures.
Halloween here is such an awesome time of the
year because everyone goes all out and it's a three night affair!

Two of the nights I was the beloved Lady GaGa
and the third night I was an 80's rocker- teased hair and all!

This is my portrayal of Lady GaGa's famous lightning bolt
across her face. I had a lot of fun with this because it took
me completely out of my element and really challenged me

I used tape to create a stencil and then I colored it
in with a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
I set it with Carbon eyeshadow from MAC.
My eyes were way easy, which included a hot pink color
on the lid and black in the crease

The next night I opted for 80's punk rock!
I went for purple eyes (even though you can't really see them too well)
and these crazy black and silver lashes
I had a lot of looks my way from people thinking I was insane
I loved it!

I bought the studded jacket from a local store
and everything else was found in my closet
and yup that's my hair teased to the max!

This was one of the looks I did for my friend
who had to be a Tranny for her coed frat one day

Those eyelashes were my FAVE!!!!

What did everyone else go as? Send pics

xoxo Christine

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